Corporate law for medium and large-sized companies

We offer customized and assertive services focused on ensuring the rights and primary obligations of each company.

You can count on our teams specialized in corporate, civil, labor, tax and regulatory law to specifically identify all your company’s legal liabilities as well as which areas require greater attention, enabling your company to be prepared to master any business opportunities and business risks.


Regularizing the company’s status in the Trade Board, Treasury Secretariat, Social Security Office and other proper authorities.


Analyzing the best model for the company, defining the responsibilities and rights of the shareholders and other corporate practices.


Tax analysis of the ideal tax regime for each type of business and for each specific type of transaction.


Support for complying with labor obligations, such as defining salaries, paying social security contributions, staff outsourcing processes as well as other labor and HR practices.


Evaluating services related to consumer rights, such as rules relative to e-commerce, warranties and cancellation rights.


Company representation and defense in administrative actions and lawsuits at all levels in the  civil, labor and tax areas.