* eventually your request may be partially or not met, considering, for example, any legal obligation to be fulfilled by PK Advogados or the legitimacy of the treatment. The grounds will be set out clearly and objectively when responding to your request.


Here you will know if PK Advogados has any personal data about you, and if so, what type of data is that.

Here you will get a copy of the data that PK Advogados has about you.

Here you can request the correction of your data that may be incorrect under the ownership of PK Advogados.

Here you can request anonymization, blocking or elimination, if the personal data processed by PK Advogados proves to be: (i) unnecessary for the purpose that justifies the treatment; (ii) excessive in relation to what is necessary to achieve the purpose; (iii) in nonconformity, that is, if they are not being treated for specific purposes or the treatment is not justified by any legal basis.

Here you have the right to request the sharing of your data provided to PK Advogados with another company, that is, the portability of the data to another service or product provider.

Here you can request the deletion of your data, if you no longer want it to be treated by PK Advogados. However, be aware: This right is not absolute. Data required to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation, as well as financial data and other data with legitimate purposes that transcend your will cannot be excluded. In the event of requesting this right, data related to your consent, such as for marketing or registration purposes, should be deleted.

Here you will know the consequences of not providing consent, such as possible losses in your experience using the site or our services, less customization, limiting access to certain “logged areas” that require such consent, among others.